Slow Mornings with Amber Seagraves

Slow Morning Rituals to Start Your Day

Slow Mornings with Amber Seagraves

Hey!  I am not naturally a morning person but over the years I’ve created an awesome daily ritual that helps me get out of bed and start my day!  This is especially good for me because I work from home and need some ME time before I start working on design projects and working with clients.  I LOVE my mornings and often do not begin client work or hop on calls till after 12 pm.  After 12 pm my days are filled with Zoom calls and designing e-comms, products, and branding.  BEFORE 12 pm  I am enjoying a slow morning often filled nature and mindfulness. 

1. Use your favorite song as your alarm 

To avoid hitting the snooze button on my iPhone, I will set my alarm as a song that I love to listen too.  Currently, Comin’ Through by the band The War on Drugs.  The song just feels like a sunny morning to me.  Usually, I turn it off before the whole song plays.  But if I want to indulge I’ll listen to the whole song once but that’s it!  No snoozing!  You can also set different songs for different days. 

2. If you don’t have a cat

My cat Lilou has become more aggressive in her old age, she's almost 14 now.  And she wants her wet food!  She will meow at me and poke me in the face until I wake up!  So I always feed my cat first after I put my glasses and shuffle to the kitchen!   I suppose people that have children and dogs can relate too.   BUT during the times I’m traveling and my cat isn't with me it’s important to me to still keep my morning ritual.  So since I use my iPhone as my song alarm I will often put it across the room so I have to physically get out of bed and turn it off.  RIP to my kitty, Lilou's sister Cassia 2006 - 2013 <3

3. Do not check emails or social media from bed 

Argh!  This is the worst and I have been guilty!  I have certainly checked my Instagram before getting out of bed and before you know it’s been an hour!  Or worse I’ve checked work emails and answered them from my iPhone!  The best way to start your morning ritual is to make sure you save this for the end preferably for the end after you’ve gotten dressed and had your caffeine. 

4. Sit in your power meditation

Okay so now I’m up and I’m moving.  I wash my face and brush my teeth.  Then I drink some water, make a cup of coffee or matcha and eat some breakfast most likely oatmeal.  Once I’ve had my food and caffeine I do a meditation.  Otherwise, If I don’t have breakfast before I meditate then I’ll just think about food and coffee during the meditation.  I like to move to my sofa or a chair in the living room instead of meditating in bed.  When I meditate in bed I tend to fall asleep.  I sit on my sofa next to a table that I’ve made my sacred space.  My table has candles, incense and crystals to help set the vibe. I light the candle and I take 6 breaths.  Then I meditate for about 15 minutes bringing my attention back every it wonders.  I’ve been meditating for about 10 years so I know this is not easy for everybody.  What helps me is to listen to an app like Oak and listen to rainfall or crackling fireplace sounds to help me focus.  Sometimes I’ll listen to a guided meditation as well!  Weather permitting I prefer to meditate outdoors with nature but living in Missouri it's not always possible as it can be too hot or too cold or too rainy.  But I always create a lovely space and bring nature indoors with plants, candles, and crystals.

5. Get some air and get grounded 

I’ve now finished the mediation, I now get dressed and put my hat on.  Then I like to go outside for some fresh air and grounding.  Up until recently, I was living in Los Angeles in the Silverlake Hills.  This was a fantastic neighborhood to go for a 15-minute walk and connect with nature in the morning.  Sometimes I would just sit on the backyard swing and listen to the birds.  Anything to get some fresh air before I start my day working from home.  I also did this when I was working corporate in the fashion industry and had to drive to the office every day.  It was really important for me to have my morning routine. 

Now during the pandemic, I’ve moved back to my hometown of St Louis, Missouri to be close to family.  We have beutiful nature here and when weather is nice I like to walk down the road to visit a local horse farm and trail.  This has been such a game-changer and has really helped with the transition.   We also have cold winters here and it’s not always ideal to go for a walk.  So if I can handle it I step outside on the porch for a few minutes to get grounded.  Or sit in a chair and look at the window petting my cat.  You can also get grounded by doing a root chakra meditation and holding stones in your hands.  I like to hold hematite ones that bring in Abundance.  It’s so important to do root chakra grounding every day.