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Studio Seagraves

With 20+ years of experience in design and web development, our team helps merchants elevate their brand and build 3-dimensional online presences that resonate with their audience. With years of expertise in branding, ecommerce, product design, and user experience, we help companies reach their full potential by defining their identity and refining their online presence with a special focus on Shopify ecommerce and web design.


Amber Seagraves

With 20+ years of experience as a lead designer for iconic companies including Ralph Lauren, Guess Jeans, and J.Crew, Amber built Studio Seagraves on a foundation of extensive expertise. Her eye for aesthetics and analytical nature combined with her fashion and e-commerce industry background give Amber an ingenuitive, strategic approach to each project—whether it’s a Shopify website by Studio Seagraves or a new Amber Seagraves mindful tech product.


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