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5 Products for Mindfulness with Technology

5 Products for Mindfulness with Technology

I have a confession to make: I’m addicted to my devices… and this is exactly why I care about mindfulness with technology. I’m sharing this because I know I’m not alone.

My Myers Briggs is an INTP, which means I absolutely love learning new things. While this is often a positive quality, my passion for knowledge also means that I default to doing research on my laptop or scrolling inspiring social media accounts in my downtime. Combine this with my ADD, and it’s easy to see why I used to spend much of my time staring at screens.

If there’s anything I’ve learned as I’ve confronted my addiction to my devices, it’s that mindfulness takes mindfulness... But this also means that mindfulness breeds mindfulness. Once you start setting boundaries with technology, you’ll quickly spend less time scrolling and more time being present. 

When I first became aware of my unhealthy relationship with tech back in 2009, I was suffering from chronic migraines, sensitive eyes, and poor vision. These challenges were the first I addressed when I started cognitive behavioral therapy, which meant cutting back on screen time. But because my work is primarily done online, I also chose to invest in some products that would ease the negative impact technology was having on my body.

5 Products for Mindfulness with Technology

*None of these are sponsored — I genuinely recommend all of these products!

1. Blue Light Glassses

As someone with poor eyesight, I used to wear contacts every day. That is, until I got my blue light glasses from Warby Parker (check them out HERE). The lenses in these glasses protect me from the harsh light emitted from screens, preventing potential damage to my eyes and improving my sleep after a late-night work-sesh. 

2. Screen Protectors

If I hadn’t gotten into the habit of wearing my blue light glasses all of the time, I would have purchased blue light screen protectors for both my laptop and my phone. These also filter out blue light and reduce glare, making device screens much easier on the eyes. Check out some options HERE.

3. Grounding Mat

When I first started setting boundaries with tech, I signed up for the EMF Home Safety Masterclass with Luke Storey. This course taught me all about the electromagnetic radiation emitted from WiFi routers, computers, cell phones, and other technologies, and the negative effect EMFs have on the body. 
Because I work every Monday-Thursday (often until late at night), I knew I needed to improve my workspace. My first purchase was a grounding mat that goes under my keyboard — It protects against EMFs, lowers stress, normalizes my body’s biological rhythms, and relieves muscle tension. I have no doubt that introducing this into my office has improved my work environment and alleviated my migraines.

4. Shungite Crystals

Not only are shungite crystals a pretty addition to my workspace, they may protect against EMFs. Shungite crystals are embedded with fullerenes (hollow molecular carbon cages) that make it possible for them to neutralize EMFs. I keep a few on my desk, and they also remind me to stay mindful about the time I spend on my computer and log off when the workday is done.

5. EMF Cases

Given the pandemic, I haven’t left Town & Country much this past year. But as soon as I am able to travel again, I’ll start using my EMF laptop, tablet, and phone cases so I can practice mindfulness with tech no matter where I am in the world. 
Since technology is still relatively new, there’s so much we don’t know about its effect on the human body. But rather than slipping into fear and wearing a tin hat, I prefer to stay in-the-know and do what I can to protect myself. Fortunately, there are many products on the market that can neutralize radiation, protect our eyes, and encourage mindfulness. Above all, remember that it’s possible to establish a balanced relationship with tech... even if you’re an ADD INTP like me.