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We are a multidisciplinary design agency with remote offices in Los Angeles, St. Louis, and Vancouver. With years of experience in branding, e-commerce, product design, and user experience, we help companies reach their full potential by defining their identity, refining their online presence, and developing products that encourage a mindful, sustainable relationship with technology.

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Amber Seagraves

Creative Director


With 20+ years of experience as a lead designer for iconic companies including Ralph Lauren, Guess Jeans, and J.Crew, Amber built Studio Seagraves on a foundation of extensive expertise. Her eye for aesthetics and analytical nature combined with her fashion and e-commerce industry background give Amber an ingenuitive, strategic approach to each project—whether it’s a Shopify website by Studio Seagraves or a new Amber Seagraves mindful tech product.


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Mia Seagraves

Product Development


With a master’s in psychology, penchant for research, and passion for sustainability, Mia Seagraves ensures every Amber Seagraves mindful tech product is on trend, intuitively designed, and eco-friendly. As she often assists with project management, Mia’s understanding of user experience and market analysis contributes a data-driven perspective to each Studio Seagraves design project, resulting in work that is as functional as it is beautiful.

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Rachele Pedraza

Business Operations


Rachele Pedraza approaches  all aspects of her life with groundedness, precision, and innovation, bringing organization, balance, and refinement to Studio Seagraves. Her years of experience in business management are invaluable in our day-to-day studio operations and her role as Sr. Project Manager. Rachele’s attention to detail, creative strategy, and ability to problem solve ensures each project is efficient, cohesive, and exceeds expectations.

Kayley Vandenberg

Kayley Vandenberg



Kayley Vandenberg elevates brand identities by writing targeted copy that is both professional and approachable. With years of experience in ghostwriting, social media marketing, and web copy, she is skilled in developing brand voices that are consistent across multiple platforms. Kayley approaches her work at Studio Seagraves with curiosity and intuition, allowing the unique qualities of each client to inform the writing’s language and tone.





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